The silent flame

Near everyday.






The dawn breaks slowly in the east 东方欲晓

As day defeats the night 正如白天击败了黑夜

The echo of your voice that greets 那回响就是对你的问候

The feeble morning light 虚弱的晨光

Is the only answer to my silent prayer 是我黑暗中祈祷的唯一答案

And promises I never make 我永不作出承诺

You are always with me,you're always there 你总是在我身边,你常常在那里

In my dreams though I am wide awake 在我无数的梦里但我依然清醒着

And sometimes suffer a forbidden glance 有时不能忍受一个禁止的瞥视

Will give my heart away 请放飞我的心

The light that kinded out romance 光线把外面点燃得如此的浪漫

May flicker through the gray 通过燃灰而扑动

All the gold and silver at the rainbow's end 所有的金色和银色在彩虹尽头

All earthly goods I will forsake 我将放弃所有俗世的物质

For each shooting star a wish I send 因每一个闪烁的星星都有我的梦想

And I dream though I am wide awake 我梦想,但我依然醒着 

You were the rolling tidal wave 你是旋转的浪潮

That swept my barren shores 洗涤着我寸草不生的岸边

If you will let me share your day 如果你让我分享你的每一天

My life's forever yours 我的生命永远是你的

I will never undertand the reason why 我将永不理解

We fail to learn from out mistakes 我们不能消除误解的理由

I will wait for you as the days go by 我将等候你,一如我的梦随着

With my dream though I am wide awake 时光飘去,但我依然还醒着

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